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My first business conference as a hired writer...

I was invited to attend the Century 21 2018 Winnipeg Conference by my day-job team leader. It was a mind-blower! I left with 2 workbooks and 24 pages of notes, a thousand ideas swarming in my head and needing a day or two to pause, reflect and strategize. I’ve been to a few conferences in my life: big hoorah’s claiming wealth and fortune, rallies and ovations almost worshiping the few rich and famous leaders in their industry. I boarded the plane hoping this conference was not going to be like that. I was not disappointed. I am a creative writer, contracted to Century 21 Bravo Realty through their I.T. Systems and Marketing guru, Marc Diermann.I am a creative writer.I’ve written songs, poetry, short stories, and recently published a memoir/suspense novel. To interpret a business culture into word was a new challenge for me and I came in cautiously, wanting to give the very best the best way I knew how: by telling stories, the newest old trend in marketing and sales.I’ve seen the Century 21 brand throughout my life.I’ve bought and sold and built and renovated several homes from Fort McMurray, Alberta to Nanaimo, B.C.Since joining the Bravo team I have been interviewing our Bravo Realtors, sitting in on their meetings, captivating their Social Media audiences to the best of my knowledge, wanting them to experience what I was experiencing...a team with a strong family culture.It came to a point where I needed to know more about the core of the real estate business itself in order to create strong, qualified leads to generate more awareness and business for this group of people I was building an admiration for.After shuffling a few events, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the Conference in order learn more about the industry, the culture, and the back-office mechanics of what makes Century 21 a brand so highly recognized.Though it was my first experience, that Friday afternoon I walked into a vibration of change and felt the desire to become even greater from the honest energy of everyone in the room.No hype.No hoopla.Instead there was elegance.There were facts made evident and solutions made visible.There was humility.Why stop at being the best when we can always become better?That stood out to me.I witnessed a wave of encouragement for EVERYONE to become leaders of change, breaking the mould, disrupting the common!In this world of advancing technology it is vital to stay in the know, in the know-how and on top of the game of thrones in order to see what the future holds.And in these modern ages the more individuals the throne sits the clearer the view at all angles; each one leading with their strengths and leaning on the strengths of other’s.Team work.Team building.Accessibility.In-the-trenches leadership.Covering more ground in one crisp, clean sweep forward!Now that’s a company to be proud to write for.

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