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“A singer and songwriter herself, Songs delivers her story through an almost poetic composition, the beauty of her words standing in stark contrast to the ugliness of the situation she finds herself in...Colleen Songs paints a damning picture of what her life was in her book Inhale. It is heartbreaking to read even as the words sing right off the page...Very highly recommended." Jamie Michele - Reader's Choice


"Colleen is an inspiration and her words are like poetry. The way she pulls it all together is magic. So blessed to have her in my community!“ Nancy Seeger - Seeger Consulting Inc.

"INHALE will teach you to trust yourself again and to believe that no matter which pathway you find yourself walking, by staying true to your own inner focus, and accepting grace for your own tired and weary soul, you will find wholeness of life again." Brenda-le Graff. Writer, Storyteller, Musician. Strathmore, Alberta

"Blissful, riveting, heartbreaking, fearful, painful, encouraging, inspiring...” S.G., Vancouver, BC


"I sat down on Saturday to 'thumb through' the book - and 4.5 hours later I finished the last page. I was filled with emotion, love and hope.  Such an amazing story told with the grace and passion of a true artist... I admire your journey, courage and class!" Lorna Selig


"So many others will benefit from your courage, determination and bravery as you faced each day and each moment constantly thinking of your precious children and the final goal of reuniting with their precious beings." Annette Stanwick


“I applaud you for courage you took to not look back and I cheer for you for the life you are creating in the here and now." Michele Noordhof, Okotoks, AB


“Last weekend I started reading “Inhale” and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.” Sheree Roughsedge Agerskov, Strathmore, AB


“Honestly I think your book will help us, there were a couple of times I thought, I can’t wait for her to get to that part” J.M., Calgary, AB


“Your story is heart-wrenching. I felt like I was sitting right next to you while reading it. Your story really makes one wonder how many people suffer in silence.” -Evelyn Sabraw, Acme, AB​




"Subtle and tasty. Very nice." Richard Klemm, Klemm Drums.

"Do not deny yourself the opportunity to spend time in the presence of this lady's words or song." Brenda-le Graff. Writer, Storyteller, Musician. Strathmore, Alberta"


"You had me in the palm of your hand, every second you spoke. And then when you began to sing my heart leapt into my throat, as it does when I am moved and stayed there until you sang the last note." Bonnie Earl: Speaker, Teacher. Bonnie Earl Coaching Inc.


"I so enjoyed meeting you; you as a person, musician, and woman. What a great sense of humour!! You are truly one soft, strong woman. " Marnel Hesterman: EFT Practitioner/Certified Life Coach,  Insight Inspirations.


"You should know, you are one gifted storyteller!" Tammy Plunkett : Founder of Big Sky Author Services. 


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