"Your eloquent and gentle penmanship in details, resonates deeply to the pain you walked, yet through each thoughtful note of even silence, there springs fountains of resounding hope."-Brenda-le Graff. Writer, Storyteller, Musician, Strathmore, Alberta.

“Blissful, riveting, heartbreaking, fearful, painful, encouraging, inspiring..." S.G. reader, Vancouver, BC


Through the passage of thought and prose Colleen carries the reader along the journey as though they are right there with her: in her mind, feeling her heart-felt melodies, breathing to get through another day, one day at a time, to return to her Children, alive. What got her there?  What drew him to her?  Why didn’t she see all the signs?  Why didn’t she trust the ‘little red flags’?  Where did the man she loved go?  Did he ever really exist?  How could she let this happen?  Why?

"INHALE is the harrowing true story of a woman who lived day-by-day in fear of a man who could explode at any moment. It will keep readers turning pages, thankful it's not them in the author's shoes." James Bernstein for IndieReader