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“Blissful, riveting, heartbreaking, fearful, painful, encouraging, inspiring.” S.G., Vancouver, BC


Also check out the IndieReader review! ​


To order your copy of INHALE visit Amazon.  For a signed copy order directly from Colleen (within Canada & US only).  If an ebook version is more your format, check out Smashwords, or Kobo.


Price does not include Tax.

Direct from Colleen

  • All sales are considered final, no refunds or returns are available at this time.

  • Books sold, and shipped, are in new condition.  Colleen Songs (KelbaCorp Management) does not take responsibility for any altered condition as a result of shipping.  Due care will be taken with packaging and shipment method selected.


    Shipping is free within Canada.  Any shipments outside of Canada are subject to standard parcel delivery rates at the time of purchase.

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